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Carol and the Language of Brazil: a journey

I have always enjoyed using the accurate and rich communication that our language allows us to do. I started “talking” when I was 9 months old and I feel that it has always been part of my life to enjoy observing human behavior and analyzing people’s speeches, with its coherences and inconsistencies, its similarities and differences. My family and I used to travel a lot and I would often notice even more significant differences in speech depending on the city or state in Brazil that we were visiting.

When it came time to take the entrance exam at UFBA, I didn't know if I should study Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Law, Tourism or Linguistics and Literature. With great doubt, I thought that, being the human language the basis of everything, Linguistics and Literature would be the best option to start, because if I ended up choosing one of the other courses at some point, having studied languages would still be an advantage in my studies path.

My doubts didn’t last long. When I had my first contact with teaching Portuguese to foreigners, it was certainly love at first sight. Being able to share my language and culture while also interacting with so many knowledges and lifestyles has driven me to travel even more and try new destinations: international ones. I realized that this career would enable me to be a little bit of everything I've always wanted to be.

I have been a teacher for 9 years, but my multipotentiality never allowed me to be “just” a teacher. Throughout my 6 years of work at the Goethe-Institut I promoted complementary activities with students, such as travels, volunteering, immersions, Brazilian music festivals, philosophy clubs and much more.

In the last few years I have worked independently and this has increased my confidence and freedom to immerse myself in new projects, such as Celpe-Bras assessment, cultural courses, and proficiency level development courses. My focus was to create course programs with an efficient and interesting didactic structure, following the communicative approach, the action perspective and some hybrid methodologies. And what happened? It was a success! My project grew so much that the moment came when I could not do everything by myself anymore - thankfully.

To expand and share with the world my love for the language and culture of Brazil, I founded a school structure to offer our students the best possible learning experience.

So, what am I doing now?

I am managing, training and monitoring everything that happens here.

I have the responsibility to designate the planning, program and guidelines for each course and class, paying attention to the application and reorganization of the methodologies used. I monitor the pedagogical development of each of our students, I supervise the schedules, I am an emergency substitute teacher and, finally, I am responsible for constantly reviewing all our practices, listening to proposals from our community in order to promote improvements.

Anyway, I am the person who will give you a hand in your learning process. The person for whom you can feel free to talk about what you like (and maybe what you don't like too), the person who will do everything possible to make it easier for you. The person who will build a clear plan with you and walk with you towards your goals. I wait for you!

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